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Ron Carson

Ron Carson

Dublin, GA


Ronald Carson was Born and raised in military town in Texas called Killeen. The youngest of four children he was able to used his dad's military benefits to obtain an education. that education would lead him to a life around art. currently Ron is teaching high school art and coaching track in a middle Georgia town called Dublin. he often refers to himself as an artcoach. He is divorced with a 17 year old daughter.
2001 Ron Carson found himself moved to join the military. a short time little he found himself in Iraq . upon returning he begin to rededicate himself to his art. today he contuse to teach and coach but is concentrating move on his art.

Mr Carson says he was influenced by what he refers to as “the Cosby Renaissance” . During That time the only exposure people not in a major city could get of black art was from watching the Cosby show.” you would see painting like Ellis Wilson's Funeral Percussion and Varnette Honeywood's art as well as the works of Synthia Saint James.
it wasn't until later after talking to fellow Texan -the artist John Biggers art became the focal point of his career. I was just out of college and doing a show with other artist, one of which was John Biggers. He gave me some good advice on pursuing a career in art. he basically told me it was up to me how good I wanted to be and have far i could go. I still believe that.

Carson describes his work as depicting the everyday, positive genre of Black American life. "my goal was to create a positive, timeless, yet nostalgic image of Black Americana" He continues to explain " I use a unique combination of oil paint and water color. sometime I add ball point pen too. I still want to experiment and grow as I allow my art to keep evolving!"

my goal is to be a fulltime painter/artist. God gave me this gift and I know he wants me to use it.



still life with Blender by Ron Carson


self-portrait at 21 by Ron Carson


youngandcarefree by Ron Carson


pinkflowers by Ron Carson


After School by Ron Carson


Gabby Carried a lot for us all by Ron Carson


Outdoor play'n trucks by Ron Carson


Sundee Photo by Ron Carson


Girls in the Field by Ron Carson


Comtemplation by Ron Carson


The Matinee by Ron Carson


Message in the Wind by Ron Carson


Still life with blender by Ron Carson


Best Friends by Ron Carson